Ugandan avocados are genetically diverse and are represented by a wide range of varieties differing in size, shape, color, and flavor. The fruits can be round, oval, elongated, to pear-shape and generally have a bulbous base that slightly tapers into a neck with curved ends. The skin also varies from green to dark purple, almost black, and can be thick to thin, textured, and leathery to glossy.

Underneath the surface, the flesh is dense, dry, creamy, aqueous, to fibrous, ranging in color from pale green to yellow-green. Ugandan avocados will exhibit varying flavor profiles, depending on the variety, and are commonly nutty and subtly sweet.


Ugandan avocados are available year-round, with a peak season during the first rainy season of the year in Uganda.

Ugandan avocados, botanically classified as Persea americana, is a general descriptor used for many different avocado varieties belonging to the Lauraceae family.

In Uganda, avocados are locally known as Ova, and the fruit trees are widely found across the country, grown by small farms and home gardeners. With this widespread, small-scale cultivation, many new varieties have been created from unrecorded crosses, creating a vast amount of genetic diversity. These locally grown fruits are commonly sold in local markets and are highly favored for their rich flavors, but there is also a movement throughout the country towards increased cultivation for export.

FlylandExpress have established relationships with Ugandan growers to cultivate and export more well-known avocado varieties to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and USA. Ugandan farmers are currently focusing their efforts to cultivate varieties such as semil, reed, fuerte, bacon, and hass, with hass being the most economically profitable and important cultivar as it is a top variety within European and Middle East markets

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    Variety Hass Color Green
    Size 3Kg Fulfillment Express
    Country Of Origin Uganda Delivery Term DAT
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