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Flyland tomato constitutes one of Uganda’s main fresh exported agricultural produce, and it is used as a reference for its high quality and excellent balance of sweetness and juiciness. All year round, Flyland is offering superior quality tomatoes grown in Flyland Organic farms that use the top-of-the-range protected varieties.

Flyland offers a large specter of varieties to choose from, going from Pristyla, Brenyla, Retina, Gabiella, and Daniela for round, to Mistral, Angel, Melon, God Love, and Isis Candy for cherry tomatoes to other tasty newly introduced varieties.

Flyland secures its reputation in the minds and hearts of international importers as a reliable source of high-quality tomatoes and specifically during the winter season. Tomato producers are consistently looking to improve their operational processes, varieties, and sales channels to satisfy the massive demand for a superior quality product.


Considering Flyland’s tomatoes, it means that you are guaranteed the industry high-quality standard products, a solid logistic platform, along with an extensive network of buyers with high local market expertise. Through Flyland Express competitive local established partnerships, we are committed to supplying high-quality Mediterranean and North African tomatoes, with large options of varieties.?

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We guarantee our products and you could get back all of your money anytime you want in 30 days..

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Get 20%-50% off items over UGX 250,000 for a month or over UGX 5,000,000 for a year with our Afoodus Product Brand.

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