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The Flyland Group is a diversified and professional trading company that began it's journey in 2015 mainly engaged in Agriculture, manufacturing, Marketing and trading Businesses.


We Provide Continuous & Kind Services to Our Customers

we promise to L.E.A.D with integrity in everything we do, With years of efforts, Flyland Group has deployed an environment-friendly product chain from the source to the terminal. Within mainland Uganda, the company has developed its trading branches across more than 20 provinces and cities. In abroad, the business has covered more than 10 countries and districts, including the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Fresh vegetables and Organic Produces are the best seller among other products, which has earned great reputation both in domestic and overseas.


Touching the lives of millions.

As a Group, we're committed to making positive changes within the organization. We're deeply aware of our responsibilities towards our Customers, stakeholders, the environment and society. With this in mind, we're constantly striving to find new ways to improve the lives of our communities, while reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

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Flyland is a Highly Organized Group of People with individual Technology undner Different Business Industries
With Each Making A Specialized Contribution Towards The Growth And Development of Our Organization

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